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By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor, the wedge.LIVE

The tariffs imposed on U.S. goods announced by our PM yesterday may be a kiss of death to Hershey sales in Canada. In my opinion, it was never delicious chocolate or the healthiest. Canadians will not bite at an additional 10%.

This news is bittersweet.

Among the tariff list of targets, the Republican state of Pennsylvania takes a big hit. It is the home of Hershey.

A 10% import tariff will kick-in this Canada Day on:

  • Other sugar confectionery (including white chocolate), not containing cocoa.
  • Other chocolate, in blocks, slabs or bars: Filled
  • Other chocolate, in blocks, slabs or bars: Not filled

Many confectionery sellers in Canada will be affected. Sheldon Giff, owner of Rideau Candy Shoppe, Smiths Falls, says, “12% of my products come from US.”

The thing is, this will embolden confectioners here. It is a form of protectionism and Trudeau walked right into this nationalist, political ideology. Giff produces much of his inventory these days from his kitchen. Production is the externality of this “cold war” with an old friend.

Melt-in-your-mouth , artisan marshmellows crafted in-store, Rideau Candy Shoppe, Smiths Falls, Ontario PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

Smiths Falls’ stratospheric growth is sweet revenge against a company that almost destroyed it by its abrupt departure. Now this blow is ironic, but sweetly surgical.

Many think–hope–this trade war is temporary. I do not share this belief. Find out why in my next op-ed.

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