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2017 G7 in Taormina, Italy

By MAGGIE M, Editor, Wedgee-In-Chief, thewedge.LIVE

Lest we forget, it is also the anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France.

Heavy day, heavy night with so much at stake.

Global elites gather at the sumptuous Le Manoir Richelieu, La Malbaie, Quebec, while shops are shuttered in nearby Quebec City fearing violent protests against G7 and U.S. tariffs. This is close to home for Quebec as Aluminerie Alouette, Sept Iles, Quebec, is Canada’s largest aluminium producer.

There is a lot of speculation about Trump sending Pence.

Marijuana legalization Bill C-45 amendments await Royal Assent if passed in the Senate today. If approved, this will transform big players in the production sector like Canopy Growth into behemoths and shareholders into billionaires.

At this moment we await the pronouncement of a new Ontario leader. This was a quixotic election with Wynne stepping down at the last mile. Three polls won’t close at 9:00 pm because of tech glitches. Will it be blue or orange?

Life in Canada is changing drastically–overnight.


Ontario’s PC Leader, Rob Ford, wins with populist message and a majority. Liberals lose with a historic low–no party status with only seven seats. Kathleen Wynne keeps her seat–way back in the house. Clearly, the public has “left” fatigue. This is a foreshadowing of Federal Elections coming up in fall 2019. Andrew Scheer may be the new PM effectively skewering the Liberals daily.

Cannabis Bill passes Senate. Historic moment. C-45 goes back to the House with amendments. This summer Canada may see cannabis retail–the first of G7 nations. The stocks must be flying!

It’s fair to say, Bruce Linton, is imminently a global player, transforming the economic base of the former chocolate capital of Canada, Smiths Falls, into a town of instant riches, where demand exceeds supply for everything. Employees, housing, retailers, foodservice, transportation, recreation,more–all are in increased demand in town.

G7 watch! Trump divulges trade barriers and tariffs as root of it $700 billion deficit. Politico reports an advisor to a G7 leader said, “The Canadians have no idea what to do.” In similar words, the G7 agenda has been thrown over to deal with this trade wrench.

We don’t do politics at the wedge–just opinions (or a Maggie rant) at odd times. But yesterday was epic!

Watch for my spoofs on selling Canadian products on the world stage, “Tin Woman.”

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