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MAN OF THE YEAR : Bruce Linton

Bruce Linton, CEO, Founder & Chairman, Canopy Growth Corp., Smiths Falls, Ontario, CANADA PHOTO BY CGC

BY MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor, thewedge.LIVE

Our office is central to the region we cover from Pembroke to Cornwall to Kingston. We are located in Smiths Falls; so, we know a thing or two about the town. And a rising figure.

Smiths Falls has been transforming at quite a pace. Overnight, it has become the talk of the region, the capital and soon the whole nation.

Smiths Falls is booming. I mean BOOMING.

We owe a great deal to an entrepreneur who started with humble beginnings on Hershey Drive raising a few million dollars and persevering with unusual determination.

This man is Bruce Linton.

He has raised over $625 million including a $245 million investment by Fortune 500 beverage company, Constellation Brands. Linton has led six M&A transactions valued over $500 million. These facts are a few months old. There’s more.

Now with the Senate passing C-45 and sending it back to the House with amendments, recreational cannabis is about to turn Linton’s world into the surreal realm.

I hope a lot of plaques and trophies are in production. Ours is on order!

Bruce Linton, early days at Tweed Inc., AKA Canopy Growth Corp, Smiths Falls, Ontario CANADA PHOTO BY CGC

A little background on Linton

After beginning his career at Newbridge Networks Corporation, he has since held positions that include General Manager and Re-Founder of, President and Co Founder of webHancer Corp, and part of the establishing team at CrossKeys Systems Corporation. He was also part of the leadership team for the NASDAQ/TSX initial public offering at CrossKeys.

He is the past Chairman of the Ottawa Community Loan Foundation, past Board Member and Treasurer of Canada World Youth, past Board of Governor for Carleton University, past President of the Nepean Skating Club, and past President of the Carleton University Students Association.


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