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The King’s Highway Catwalk For Strutting Beauties

1935 Auburn Speedster owned by Kim and Denise Seveny from Ottawa, Kemptville Cruise Nights, Ontario, Canada PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

By thewedge.LIVE “A New Voice For East Ontario”

Chances are when you travel through the centre of the wedge on one of its oldest highways, “The King’s Highway 43,” your eyes will catch an extraordinary vehicle likely on its way to a Highway 43 Car Club event.

Since 2007, Rod Rafter, Founder and President, has assembled auto hobbyists from towns along 43–Alexandria, Finch, Chesterville, Winchester, Kemptville, Merrickville, Smiths Falls and Perth–offering them a showplace for their creations and a like-minded community.

Highway 43 stretches 95 miles from Alexandria on the east to Perth on the west. It was established in 1934 between Alexandria and Winchester and later extended to reach Perth in 1961.

43 is as old as some of the club’s vehicles shown here.

Souped-up 1935 Ford Cabriolet, Kemptville Cruise Nights, Ontario, Canada PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

Every Friday night through the summer club members gather in the parking lot at Food Basics, Kemptville, for Kemptville Cruise Nights. This is where the wedge captured the club for the first time.

50s-60s music added to the nostalgia. The sight of so many vehicles lovingly restored each with a unique story was exhilarating. If asked, owners present will recount every detail of their vehicle’s history and restoration.

The owner of the 1935 Ford Cabriolet above informed in dizzying details:

6,000 miles since build completed. LSI engine, 4L 60E tranny, Corvette diff. All tubular frame, air ride suspension. P.B., tilt steering, vintage air & heat, Cadillac 8-way power seats.

The vehicle is accessed by remote electronics–old and new collide in this show.

“It’s Cruella de Vil’s car!”

Kim and Denise Seveny from Ottawa, owners of the 1935 Auburn Speedster above, chortled about a young girl’s comment, “It’s Cruella de Vil’s car!” It was too beautiful to be connected to the villain, but incisive as an observation. This writer referencing “The Great Gatsby” triggered the hilarious anecdote.

Souped-up 2011 Dodge Challenger SRT8, Highway 44 Car Club, Ontario, Canada PHOTO BY thewedge.LIVE

The Highway 43 Car Club is a generous giver to local foodbanks and The Salvation Army.

You can catch the Highway 43 Car Club’s event calendar here. They are probably coming to your town soon. To join click here.

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