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Talk Show Launches : “PATIO TALKS and pineapples” Episode 1 : Mayor Shawn Pankow on Boom-Town

Film still from First Episode of “PATIO TALKS and pineapples” with MAGGIE M. Shown here Mayor of Smiths Falls Shawn Pankow and Maggie M, Host, at Rob Roy Pub on the Rideau. theWedge.LIVE

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Today we launched our live summer talk show, “PATIO TALKS and pineapples.” The idea is to be authentic, off-the-cuff, and our locations, favorite patios where life bristles–and some occasional noise and wind gusts for the ride.

We’ll feature diverse people–it’s not political. We don’t have a production team like Seinfeld’s, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee; but, their show inspired this little one. Ellen also got us jigging. A place is not limited to its natural beauty, but also its beautiful people–willing to dance.

Maggie M does the jig with (L-R) Holly Fitzgerald, Michele Baitley and Amy Rensby, Beckwith Street, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada. Film still by theWedge.LIVE

We did not ask our first guest to dance–this time.

Our first guest is the “numero uno” spokesperson for one of the nation’s fastest growing towns, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Mayor Shawn Pankow. Listen to Parts 1 and 2 and learn the facts–they are mind-boggling.


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