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Maggie M Survives Franktown Apocalyptic Rain and Twister

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor, theWedge.LIVE

Of all the places I could be at 12:55pm yesterday, August 29th, I was at the epicentre of weather darkness on Highway 15 making my way to Carleton Place for a 1:00 pm appointment.

I was in Franktown when the rain torrent hit and where the twister passed–and destroyed the Campbell’s barns and nicked a few cows nearby.

I had no idea the extent of the storm I found myself in. The radio was not on. You certainly could not have heard sirens above the pounding rain and thunder.

I have never experienced rain like this in my life. I could not see outside my car window. I managed to move forward at parking lot speed and find an embankment, turn my emergency lights on, and hope the cars behind me would not plow into my vehicle. I prayed.

It was zero visibility.

Zero visibility on Hwy 15 during dangerous storm August 29

Everyone survived.

As the rain thinned, I got back on the road and noticed many cars still parked on 15 with their emergency lights on. I arrived at my appointment shaken. Emergency sirens on all airwaves were blaring at 1:10pm; but, that was in my opinion 15 minutes behind schedule.

From beginning to end, this lasted about 10 minutes. It is noteworthy that I had not been on 15 going north for a long while. This is strange timing.

I love rain and thunderstorms, but driving in zero visibility was a threat I do not want to experience again. And driving by a twister no less.

We were all protected by a higher force.

Weather is shifting across the globe and leaving its scars. Perhaps we need to adapt and be ready.

On the bright side, I was moved by the developments in Downtown Carleton Place. Once the rain stopped and the sun came out, the town was a vision. It features many new businesses. The most impressive addition is The Grand Hotel on the corner of Bridge and Lake. I was toured through its suites and dining facilities–comparable to any five-star boutique hotel in Paris or London.

We are returning to Carleton Place to capture it in its remaining days of summer splendour. It is pure art and a pleasure to the eyes.

Here is a video recording by Tony Campbell of the twister’s handiwork:

Note: Our feature Moosanado image is from Environment Canada.

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