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Snoop Surprises World in 2018

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor ❤️ TO SHARE just click the icons at story’s end. SUBSCRIBE at top right column. COMMENT at top right of story.

I can now safely say, “Snoop Dogg is my friend.”

I wrongly opined to dignitaries about his works–his excessive mysogeny and brushes with the law–without any knowledge of his transformation from Dogg to Dove in 2018.

Mea culpae Snoop.

I noticed a look in his eyes, in his gait, when he showed up at Tweed’s Shindig days ago. He looked quiet, humble–something was different. There was no hubris. No ‘gangsta.’

“Sometimes I’m sad, I cry,” he has said recently.

I was shown the answer quickly days later.

Snoop has just cut a new gospel album, “The Bible of Love,”  performing alongside Charlie Wilson and B. Slade, renown gospel performers. His mother is an evangelist; so, there was a long-standing tug at his heart.

Here is Snoop performing, “Words are few,” a recent release in his new gospel album.

“There are times I don’t want to speak,” “Why are you hounding me?,” “Things I am going through.” These are lyrics in this song, explaining to his fans, his critics, his “road to Damascus event.” Snoop has surrendered his life to Jesus. There you have it.

“Preach!,” “Let Your work speak,” “Speak to me Lord!,” Snoop beckons.

This is a new, clean Snoop and one Tweed Inc. and Smiths Falls, Ontario, can wear well. The town is heavily populated with believers who can now put their resentment of Snoop to rest–a resentment I heard and participated in. Tweed continues to be a blessing to the town and frankly, the world, by association with this transformed soul.

Let our words be few as Snoop.

Now hear this new, wise soul explain his spiritual shift.

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