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Canopy grows. And Bruce Linton Moments : Webisode 2

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Bruce Linton, Chairman of Canopy Growth and Tweed, continues to be shared by the wedge in a time-release format. Every moment with the man is data-rich and entertaining.

These moments are extracted from the great public opening of its headquarters to the public in the now world-famous town of Smiths Falls. The event was clamorous and difficult to navigate with bodies, lens and sound, but it is authentic. We bring all of you inside to see, feel, the phenomenon that is Tweed.

The European luxury boating corporation, le boat, anchored its North American headquarters in Smiths Falls, searing the town on tourists’ minds around the world.

Tweed ‘blew-it-oudda-da-park’ by placing its global headquarters too in the same town.

Smiths Falls is reeling from its notoriety. It seems the town has won the lottery and is now pondering how to allocate its riches. As its Mayor Shawn Pankow said in our interview, townies’ “swag is back.”

Smiths Falls represents hope realized–the epitome of transformation. Keep watch here as the wedge brings you up-to-date.

Enjoy Bruce Linton Moments, Webisode 2, in the video below.



Stock exchanges have been rocked of late, but Canopy Growth is holding. Some investors with no intestinal fortitude ran on reports of supply and Coke turning its back on cannabinoids. Others are holding. The press is having a grand ol’ time with it.

Linton foresaw supply bumps–great is the demand. As new plants mature supply will return. He shared this with this writer months ago. Again, his vision is ‘telescopic.’

At this very moment Canopy Growth stock vibrates on NYSE above $37/share i.e. $8.59 billion market (US) cap.

Months ago Linton pegged the valuation at $9 billion (listen above). It’s still there.

Days ago, Constellation Brands’ $4 billion dollar (CDN) cheque arrived at Canopy in exchange for total holdings of 37%. Canopy is cash rich, able to grow organically and by acquisitions–quickly.

Canopy is a buy.

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