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Supercharge Your Health : Bloody Truth About Food

Gerty Tenbult, Owner, Nature’s Way Select Foods, Kemtpville, Ontario PHOTO BY theWedgeLIVE

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We’ve struggled with this topic of acidity vs alkalinity for six months–now we are confident of its reliability. There are too many people peddling advice and products without giving you the fundamentals–or knowing themselves.

(This is not meant to be medical advice, but inspiration to take charge of your health.)

This is the season of eating. It’s also a perfect time to be extremely conscious of what we put in our mouths–and enjoy our foods long after we consume them.

There is a number you should commit to your memory : 7, decimal, the number of days in a year i.e. 7.365. It is the number of perfectly healthy blood pH (potential hydrogen)–a marker of health in general. Blood is not often tested for its pH, but if it is a smidge off this number on a pH scale from 0 to 14, you are probably in a comma. Almost everyone’s blood is around 7.2 to 7.4.

The stress you place on your body to get your blood in balance is the crux of this story.

pH strips available at Modern Thymes, Smiths Falls, Ontario PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

There are test strips that measure pH of both urine and saliva. You can get them from places like Nature’s Way and Modern Thymes shown here. Using these strips several times over a week can be an indicator that you are acidic–an environment that welcomes disease of all kinds. Your saliva should be tested in a spoon–not in your mouth and upon waking. Urine should not be tested with the first day’s release–the second is better.

Don’t let this panic you as your body is brilliant at adjusting your pH. If you overload it with this task, this is where problems set in.

If you have sore joints, arthritis, or clogged arteries, just shifting your diet to more alkaline foods could literally alleviate the symptoms. This may be caused by calcium leaving your bones and settling in the wrong places. (Again this is not medical advice.)

Good health starts with the blood. Period. And your food is your chief “balancer.”

Dave Brown, Co-Owner, Modern Thymes, Smiths Falls, Ontario PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

Many people see persistent pH in the acidic 6 range while using these strips. This is a perfect environment for disease and pathogens to flourish. Above 7.4 is an alkaline state–not a bad outcome. Again, the body is smart at adjusting acidic travelers with its filter systems, the lungs and the kidneys among others. The key is to not overload your brilliantly created body.

It is widely accepted cancer and pathogens have difficulty thriving in healthy blood with a balanced or slightly alkaline environment. It is the consensus.

Well that’s a start to awareness for many readers. We finally found an excellent video–we have heard hundreds–that will explain this well. Settle in, take notes, and take control over your health. (We disagree with the consumption of unfermented soy like tofu as it prevents nutrients absorption. Fermented soy foods like miso and natto are excellent. And lentils should be soaked overnight i.e. sprouted.)

The good news is you achieve a balanced or neutral blood by the food you eat. It’s that simple. Choosing the foods is where people become confused.

One precept governs all our research : eat more alkaline and less acidic. If you stop reading now and do this, your health will improve. Do research on the web and learn. Here is a quick start.


Many foods are assumed acidic, but are not. Others are assumed alkaline, but are not. Foods are scientifically rated according to a scientific scale, PRAL (acronym for Potential Renal Acid Load), for their acidic or alkaline affect on our body as measured in urine.

Some foods are deceptively healthy. Here are surprising foods that are alkaline in the body according to PRAL:

  • honey
  • draft beer
  • lemon juice

Have we got your attention? If only our educational curriculum taught us how to eat!


Some of you may be in declining health and wish to bring your body’s balance to a fighting level. You may want to follow these steps and add these foods that are highly alkaline in your system. (Again this is not medical advice.)

RULE 1- Make vegetables, green leafy especially, and some fruits 75% of your daily intake. The more raw, the better. (But as the video states you may need to stop raw to heal for a bit.) That means you cut back fish, meats, dairy, legumes and grain to 25%; but, do not cut them out. The problem with the Western diet is that the balance is reversed.

RULE 2- Add these highly alkaline foods on PRAL to your diet (remember all fruits and vegetables are alkaline):

  • Dried figs : highly alkaline!
  • Raisins : highly alkaline
  • Parsley : highly alkaline
  • Spinach : highly alkaline
  • Celery
  • Kale
  • Fennel
  • Banana
  • Molasses
  • Beet greens
  • Shitake mushrooms
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Dates

RULE 3 : Ease up on the most acidic foods according to PRAL to ease your body organs’ burden (remember to keep meats, fish, grains and nuts/legumes to 25% of your diet) :

  • Parmesan cheese : hugely acidic!
  • Cheddar cheese : highly acidic !
  • Processed cheese : highly acidic!
  • Egg yolk : highly acidic
  • Tiger prawns and prawns : highly acidic
  • Sardines in oil : highly acidic
  • Mussels : highly acidic
  • Rabbit : highly acidic
  • Goose, veal, ox and pig’s liver : all highly acidic
  • Brown rice : most acidic among grains
  • Processed foods and sugar (see below)

NOTE: Kefir is the only dairy product that is acid neutral.

This writer consumes cottage cheese but always with cantaloupe, mango, banana or pineapple–to counter the acidic with the alkaline.


When you are in a balanced pH state, it also means your blood is rich in oxygen. You’ll notice this if your blood is red (oxygenated) and not dark–almost black–when the local clinic draws your blood. Pathogens are no contest for oxygen.

When is the last time your doctor said, “You’re too acidic.” How often is your nutrition discussed in medicine? Not often if ever, right? It’s not part of their “standard of care.” Don’t blame them; but, do take charge of your own body. You know it better than anyone.


Many things you eat are not made for human consumption, but they are in your food–the cheapest snack foods especially. If you remove the following things from your diet, you will begin to reverse your acidic state almost overnight.

Does your grocery cart resemble this? You are likely in acidosis.


On your next grocery trip take this list with you. Change the appearance of your grocery cart and eating habits.

  1. Anything you can get from a window. It’s processed, overcooked and filled with preservatives. This food is generally dead. You will actually starve your body of nutrients by eating this food frequently.
  2. Refined sugar. It’s in almost everything–even prepared meat dishes, salad dressings, sauces. Engineered high-fructose corn syrup and agave syrup are at the top of this heap.
  3. Processed foods. If it comes in a package on a shelf, it is highly processed and devoid of natural enzymes, vitamins–basically, nutrition. If it lasts long on the shelf ask yourself how natural it is.
  4. Artificial sweeteners especially in diet drinks
  5. Dyes, flavorings, and preservatives (junk foods)
  6. Unfermented soy like tofu and in prepared soy foods. It blocks absorption of nutrients in your gut. Miso and natto are good as they are fermented.
  7. Hydrogenated oils, transfats
  8. Excessive alcohol
  9. Soda drinks (mostly genetically modified sugar)
  10. Pesticides, herbicides (glyphosate)–some non-organic produce have more than others. Non-organic grains are saturated in them to hasten harvest.

A pH raising grocery haul

Take charge of your health. Start with food. Good food.

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