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Kick-starting : Maggie’s Picks

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witwimm NEW logoToday we announce the start of “Maggie’s Picks.” A new category, filled with stories about things, foods, places that deserve a secret admirer and a shout-out. The object of Maggie’s acclaim will not know until the story is live.

The camera is always near.

It’s a perfect time to start. Christmas brings out the best in makers and sellers.

It could be a hotel, a show–not necessarily an object. Or a book or work of art. Nothing is off the table. And nothing is planned.

Maggie’s effusive admiration will no longer go to waste.

Just in one town, Smiths Falls, Maggie’s adulation has been wasted. Lemon poppyseed ice cream at Scoops. Gourmet marshmellows at Rideau Candy Shoppe. Creme brulee at C’est Tout Bakery. Patchouli soap at Autumns Flowers. Joseph Seibel shoes at Smiths Shoes. Homemade lemonade at Cafe Whim. The Tweed shop and cafe. All enthralled Maggie for their quality and presentation.

Gourmet marshmellows, Lemon & Lime, Rideau Candy Shoppe. PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

Maggie’s Picks will get shared from town to town, city to city, villages and hamlets too. You could say, Maggie is traveling with a camera taped to her head. And words streaming from it.

Watch out, you are on candid camera. Well, your stuff is.

Everyone waits to be discovered, appreciated by someone or many someones–without having to toot their own horns. It’s not so Canadian.

Maggie takes the road less traveled starting tomorrow.

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