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Smart Christmas Gifts : Not What You Expect

Wool blankets from Topsy Farms. A gift that impresses! Click to go direct to their on-line shop.

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor, theWedge.LIVE 🌎 MUST SHARE by clicking icons at story’s end. TO SUBSCRIBE go to upper-right column. TO COMMENT click upper-right of story

You probably thought this Christmas story would feature digital devices. They are usually associated with the word “smart.” Nope. This is about your own noggin–real, organic smarts.

Smart is about to get real.

News is building quickly right now about the climate shift. Every eleven years earth experiences a solar minimum or solar maximum–a time when the sun’s activity is at its lowest point or highest point. The weather cools down or heats up to an eleven-year climax. These are titled, “Maunder Minimum” or “Maunder Maximum,” respectively.

It’s about to get cold–really cold. For “years” they say, and globally.

“Global temperatures will continue to drop,” NASA related astrophysicist Dr. John Casey states. Astrophysicist, Dr. Valentina Zharkova, also corroborates. They link all to a “Grand Solar Minimum.” The last one started in 1645 and ended in 1715. The cause is low sun spots as our sun is now exhibiting.

Accordingly, there can be no better gifts than those which bring comfort and warmth to your loved ones.

If scientists are right, it might be wise to stretch or shuffle you Christmas shopping list to include a few of the following. Topsy Farms in our region impressed us as everything they produce is derived from their huge flock of sheep.

“Folly Cloche” caps knitted from sheep’s wool, Topsy Farms.

Sheep skin mittens, Topsy Farms


Smart gifts this season are those that keep everyone warm and safe from the climate. Thick, lined coats. Insulated boots. Hats, mitts and slippers. Thermal wear. Wool and alpaca blankets. Duvets. Topsy Farms’ array of products tops our “warmth” list.

Don’t forget your pets. They could use an “overcoat” and boots too.

For the home, woodstoves, generators and snowblowers will be like gold. Get them from our own, Canadian Tire–a Canadian retailer. There are also many heating and cooling retailers who specialize in woodstoves.

An ice storm with a power failure, makes flashlights, lanterns and candles good stocking stuffers. Crank radios? This writer has one. And plenty of batteries.

Crokinole makes an excellent, timeless Christmas gift

Books and board games will keep device addiction at bay. Monopoly and Scrabble will use that noggin well. Backgammon, chess and crokinole are making comebacks. Crokinole is a blast keeping everyone in stitches with flying pawns.

FYI: Topsy Farms can deliver in 24-48 hours from on-line purchase. Amazon can’t touch this.

STAY-TUNED for more gifts ideas and holiday foods. We have a lot scheduled.



Sheep insoles–warmth on steroids! Topsy Farms


Brilliant use of sheepskin and great gift Topsy Farms

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