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“Super Creepy” Christmas Gifts

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Gotta love Mozilla, that wonderful corporation that owns and maintains the world’s best browser–the one that respects privacy–Firefox. If you don’t use it, we suggest you add it, or make it your default browser. It’s free. (But supporting Mozilla financially is a good cause.)

One of their currents posts featured Christmas gifting of consumer technology with a unique emoticon range, a rating for “creepiness,” from “Not Creepy” to the worst, “Super Creepy.” Super Creepy is basically Orwellian. The “Very Creepy” section is not far from this status–a kindred spirit.

Here is the snapshot of their “Super Creepy” products. Each is reviewed by a Mozilla team and received the “Meets Our Minimum Security Standards.” (You can click in to see all and read all reviews.)


73% in their survey said they would not buy Amazon Echo.

Amazon Echo

65% in their survey said they would not buy Google Home.


Do you realize these innocuous objects can record all your home sounds permanently: quarrels, sexual encounters, confessions, tears, coughs and flatulence, etc…

These “not likely to buy it” consumers will likely never budge and invite invisible players into their inner sanctums. No one is hoping to have ads served to them without cease because these devices have heard a cat meow or a child cry or a couple discuss erectile dysfunction. Questions bubble up about further uses.

Mozilla helps you decide if you value your privacy.

Don’t let anyone tell you. “if you value privacy, you must have something to hide.” Privacy is a right. Most of us are fairly pedestrian, but this is irrelevant. We have a right to be unseen, unheard by those we did not invite.

Alledgedly, Zuckerberg has blocked off the mic on his devices and blocked out the cam. He would not tell a Congressional inquiry this 2018 what hotel he was staying in–protecting his privacy. Hmmmm.

How many Silicon billionaires are using these listening devices as the masses who have already succumbed? Very few, if any, we surmise. They know far too well everything is hackable today–even an LED light bulb.

Now, have a look at Super Creepy’s little brother, “Very Creepy.”

Is a wood-carved toy looking rather attractive at this point? Something knitted? A chia pet?


While we are on this topic The Wedge chooses the “Smart Toilet” as the worst product developed by mankind.

Your “outcome” is recorded by sensors and analyzed off-site. Imagine the consequences.

And this toilet begs the question, “Can it capture images?” Perish the thought.

At this point you are probably at your emotional limit with technology. We understand.

Ask yourself, are you “Big Data” for profit? Or a sanguine, sovereign human with a soul not-for-profit? It is a primordial question you must answer before you merge with appliances known and unknown.

Are you missing Norman Rockwell yet?

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