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What Canadians Believe : Staggering

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The Wedge is browsing current results of professional surveys about Canadians’ beliefs and opinions. These reveal much about our times.

We were staggered by some results.

A 2017 study conducted by leading firm, Angus Reid, reveals:

  • 60% believe in life after death
  • 57% believe in heaven
  • 53% believe God is active in this world
  • 41% believe in hell
  • 19% are non-believers

Another 2018 study by Angus Reid reports that 53% no longer believe marriage is necessary to live together. That’s tough news for the wedding market.

In 2016, StatsCan reported that one-person households became the most common type. You don’t see that reflected in grocery stores; food seems to be packaged for the many. Marketers have missed the lonesome lifestyle.

An Ontario Science Centre Study in 2017 surprised this writer!

  • 43% find science is a matter of opinion
  • 75% believe scientific findings can be used to support any position
  • 47% believe the science of global warming is unclear

A 2017 government of Canada study reported :

  • 26% feel that non-medicinal cannabis use is socially acceptable
  • while alcohol was 56%

Finally, a survey by The Gandalf Group conducted in July 2018 reports that 67% of Canadians say they are happy. (This declines as income drops–money does buys a little happiness.)

If you disagree with your fellow Canadians, don’t shoot the messenger. And don’t shoot your neighbor!

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