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Taunting Googlebot’s Limited Intelligence : LIVE AUDIO

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor, theWedge.LIVE 💚 TO SHARE click icons at at story’s end, TO SUBSCRIBE go to upper-right column. TO COMMENT go yo upper-right of story

Google Virtual Assistant

A few weeks ago I had a “conversation” with a cylindrical object in a room three thousand miles away, held by speaker phone. Generically speaking, it is a “virtual assistant” or a “personal assistant.”

Be careful, surgical, about your questions, as “she”–a default female persona with the lovely, charming name “Hey Google”–may read you the encyclopedia.

Listen to my brief encounter with “Hey Google” about the NYSE and Canopy Growth.


The robot in the television series “Lost in Space” often said, “Does not compute.” This could be a case of predictive programming!

This personal assistant is on notice. I don’t want to break her binary heart, but I see a pink slip in her immediate future.

I hope her clone does not appear under my Christmas tree.

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