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BIG NEWS : the wedge is going national

The wedge has been publishing in one region, East Ontario, for 2.5 years. Lessons learned and opportunities presenting themselves lead us to a national platform.

We’re ready. And it’s time. For growth.


The Wedge.LIVE A New Voice For East Ontario will soldier on as is and continue to serve its readers unchanged.


The Wedge brand will soon be national with its own website.

It will take a few months to build the new secondary site with writers across the nation. Our national site will feature all provinces with feature stories and information.

We will take on our beloved WordPress platform with their new Gutenberg blocks. Our site will bloom using the most current technology.

The Wedge.LIVE will be linked from the national site; so, incremental national and international readers will visit our current site.

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon–the wedge is coming! Urban and rural.

We continue to discover, uncover and inspire. Fear is still not our editorial bait. Natural endorphins and dopamine are our elixir.

We say we are “closing the media gap” because in fact there is a big gaping content hole in what people read and view. We’ll divulge the details as we progress.

As Editor and Founder, I am very excited about both media properties. I am finally returning to my foundational skill set as a national and international creator, marketer and business owner–except content that invigorates you is my top priority.

I throw out the welcome mat to our WordPress authors to join us in this journey. We’re open to everything. We don’t do politics generally. Or conspiracies. Or ghoulish anything. We are “G” rated. Write to me personally at the contact page.

I can’t wait to visit the nation, physically and virtually.

Maggie M, Editor, the Wedge.LIVE

p.s. New business cards are on the to-do list.

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