Christmas / The Wedge


We noticed people do not have the usual Christmas pep and bounce in their step. It’s been a tough year. Christmas and all that comes with it can help forget.

Lean into Christmas.

Lean into our custom-made Christmas slide-show for a “feel good” time. First, scroll below it and turn on the best Christmas music while you watch (you can leave it on for three hours.) We hope it puts a smile on your faces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Merry Christmas to all who visit us. The world is coming to our site a little more each day. Joyeux Noel, Bueno Natale, Felice Navida…. We have 141 language for you, but today we speak in pictures and images.

God Bless You All. May 2019 be a year of blessings and favor.

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