Christmas / The Wedge

Break-ups spike before Christmas : Shocking Reason

By Philip Anders, Contributor, theWedge.LIVE

“She literally texted me, ‘Quick coffee?,” he said. “I had a feeling something was ‘off’ for awhile. This was coffee. And quick? We dined together every weekend, so this text was hollow for 7 o’clock on a Friday.”

He had just finished wrapping those tear-drop diamond earrings she fawned-over at “Tiffany’s entrapment window” a title that drew laughs from her one night in late November.

Two hours later he met up with her at Zabar’s where they first met twenty-one months earlier. She was already seated, waiting. He gave her a peck on the cheek and settled in.

She was noticeably fidgety.

“I don’t know how to say this. It’s not working for me,” she said stirring her coffee vigorously. “I am so busy with my work. I can’t give the time our relationship deserves,” she declares. His thoughts began to swirl. “You deserve better. You are such a wonderful…” He stopped hearing at this point. The voice in his own head rose above hers, “How can this be?”

It was two days before Christmas–that’s how.

There he sat with a little jewel box at their regular table–alone. There was no chasing her. No choice words that can re-conjure affections which have dissipated. He stood up, ambled toward the exit out into the lamplit dark streets. Every sound was like a dagger.

This behavior is common days before Christmas. A classic money-saving tactic from a thrifty love interest who does not want to splurge. It is also a time when uncommitted partners make the move to avoid family gatherings. Whodathunk?

The Urban Dictionary calls it “Scrooge dumped.”

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