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Boots, Bathrobes and Bikinis : It’s Polar Plunge Time

By Grace Begot, Contributor, theWedge.LIVE 💙 TO SHARE click icons at stories end

Every year from January trough February courage is mustered by people taking a freezing plunge for a cause, across Canada and other wintering nations.

In our neck of the woods, the Perth Polar Plunge continues unabated this January 1st. They’ve been plunging since 1994.

2018 Polar Bear Plunge, Perth, Ontario PHOTO BY Terry O’Hearn

Plunged! 2018 Polar Bear Plunge, Perth, Ontario PHOTO BY Terry O’Hearn

“This year the recipient for the Perth Polar Bear Plunge is the Canadian Cancer Society, who have been hard at work fundraising leading up to the 2019 Plunge,” states Dave Lavery, Chief Polar Bear.

“They are hoping to top the record of most funds raised at the event, which is currently held by The Table Community Food Centre for last year’s event, with $32,653.00 raised.”

You can arrive early for breakfast at 8:00 am whether you are plunging or watching. $10 for gawkers and $25 for plungers go toward cancer research, and your stomach.

The Perth Polar Bear Plunge makes for a hilarious start of the year–one you won’t soon forget. You should visit their site here for instructions.

The event takes place from the Tay River Lounge at the Legion. You’ll be able to seek warm shelter to change into dry clothes. You’ll notice lots of people wearing bathrobes–it is quite a sight!

If you don’t think you’ll have “a coronary”, take the plunge. It’s less risky than diving off a sky-scraper–it’s a real sport.

Perth has so many signature events, it boggles the mind. This town has a population of only 5,840; yet, they host endless visitors in the Stewart Park Festival, the Kilt Run, the Garlic Festival and of course, the Polar Bear Plunge.

Perth is a hoppin’ town! Its people are always cheerful and energetic–be prepared to stick around as it is one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful.

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