The Wedge

ANNOUNCEMENT : the wedge to go national within weeks

By MAGGIE M, Editor, Wedgee-in-Chief, theWedge.LIVE

the Wedge, national version, sister to thewedge.LIVE, will go live no later than early April 2019–perhaps March.

thewedge.LIVE continues its growth in East Ontario unabated–from Pembroke to Kingston to Cornwall. Some of its stories will be featured in our national site.

Meanwhile, its sister site is in development, design almost complete. The wedge is, “CLOSING THE MEDIA GAP.” There is a great big hole between massive, uniform, controlled press and the wilderness.


Our Canadian, Cirque du Soleil

Vancouver skyline


Saskatoon rapper, RationaL

Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Toronto skyline

Rue St-Paul, Montreal

thewedge.LIFE will cover content that is popular and with a Canadian focus. It will have a unique voice–authentic, edgy, revealing, exciting, inspiring, hopeful and respectable. The “big seven.”

These values will inform all our content.

Local content from B.C. to Newfoundland-Labrador, thirteen provinces, will also be featured.

Original content, curated content, written, audio and video will be uploaded frequently.

It’s time for a new fresh voice for Canada. Not global. Not U.S. mirrored. United in our self-knowledge.

Just Canadian.

Our own style.

Our own culture.

Our own character.

Our own talent.

Our own tastes.

Our own people.

Our own humour (spelled with a ‘u’).

Our own vibe.

Just us.

Stay-tuned. Subscribe to get a first look.



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