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Last Minute Lovers Action Plan


Bistro 54, Perth PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

It’s going to be a big night for babysitters. The treasury of snow gives us all a reprieve. Lovers will be rushing today to express their affections toward one another–now that we can travel the roads safely.

The snow got in the way of preparation; so everybody is rushing today.

1) The most important item : the written message, a card

Find a stationery shop–some towns have them. Smiths Falls has an exceptional shop on Russell Street East. Every Your Independent Grocer and Loblaw store have cards. Do all you can to shop local or Canadian.

IDEA : A card I received in my early days was a hardcover book featuring the masters on the subject of love. The first leaves were used for the message.

2) The restaurant choice : it must be renown for its fare

Simply, the restaurant you choose must offer excellent food–and the environment, intimate. The choices are great across the wedge. Have a look on our Where To Eat page and make a reservation now!

Shown above, Bistro 54, Perth, Ontario. It was a legit moment, a married couple out on a date at this romantic getaway.

This is not a food chain night. It is best to cook at home if budget or babysitters constrain. Find our guaranteed to succeed recipe, pick-up a bottle of wine, candles and voila!

3) Flowers, chocolates, jewels, surprises

The more you shower your loved one, the merrier. Get him or her something they desire. It may be a pair of shoes or slippers. There are no rules. (Actually, don’t buy each other any working tools or appliances.)

If you are intent on flowers, the local florist may still be able to take your order. Do not delay and call now!

A negligee? A sweater? A great book? Good perfume? A pendant? An artisan’s creation? A day at the spa?

4) Overnight escape

Have a look at our Where to Stay page for quick choices. The Cove Inn in Westport is a “closer” for dinner, entertainment and an overnight stay. There is a florist in town too.

Is there anything that says, “I want you all to myself,” more than a getaway-from-it-all overnight romance? Bring the bath salts! And turn on the wifi music… Search “romantic.” Barry will likely show up. Steve Tyrell is our choice for “guaranteed-to-elicit-romantic-thoughts.”


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