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Maggie’s Picks : Skin, Hair and Donuts

By MAGGIE M, Editor, Wedgee-in-Chief, theWedge.LIVE

Artisanal soap by mains de mariposa, Ottawa, Ontario

Today, I reveal a few favorites in my outer shell regimen–and the best donuts I have ever had in my life.

mains de mariposa soaps

I am simply mad about mains de mariposa artisanal soaps–especially, “Peace and Patchouli.” Women often sashay up to me, take a whiff and say, “You smell so good.” This soap has staying power.

“It’s visual interest. It’s more of an artisanal feel. People like picking the unique,” Bonnie Mechefske, founder of mains of mariposa, Ottawa, responded to my query about her soap’s odd shape.

“It’s the whole food of soap,” she adds. “I put my heart and soul into it. It’s a gift to my customers.”

All of the oils are food grade. I always say, “If you can’t eat it, don’t wear it.” Did you know 60% of the ingredients in products you use on your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream? This is good reason to gravitate toward the natural.

You can find these products at shops in Carp, Smiths Falls (Autumns Fine Flowers), Ottawa and Quebec.

Nature’s Gate Professional Hair Conditioner

I have a full mane of long thin hair. I strive to be well coiffed, frizz-free to make a professional appearance on camera and off. More often I look like I have just taken my hands off “the ball” at the Science Centre in T.O. (you know the one that makes your hair stand on ends.) I flatter myself. It’s worse than that.

Nature’s Gate Repair Hair Conditioner, Andress’ Your Independent Grocer, Smiths Falls PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

I got so desperate to reduce static in my hair that with advice I took to rubbing a metal hanger through it–a useless exercise. Alternatively, rubbing coconut oil over my hair just made me look greasy.

One day I picked-up Nature’s Gate Professional Hair Conditioner off the shelf at Andress’ Your Independent Grocer’s natural section in Smiths Falls. I heard Mozart’s requiem in my head as I witnessed the results. Thank you God for this miracle.

Some of its featured ingredients include avocado, macadamia oil and wild violet–there is a litany of ingredients.

No more frizz. Smooth hair with a bit of sheen. These results survived the excesses of chlorine.

I am camera ready. Now who can I interview next?

Swiss Chalet Cinnamon Donuts

No one I have spoken to about Swiss Chalet’s cinnamon donuts seem to know about them. I discovered in a forty-five minute tyranny of corporate telephone calls that Swiss Chalet began offering them only six months ago. I noticed them in a drive-through moment of lassitude, at the bottom of the lit-up screen; so, I ordered a bag of four.

Swiss Chalet Cinnamon Donuts, Ontario, Canada

I had no idea that Mozart would revisit me.

These are bar-none the best donuts I ever had in my life.

They are fried but not greasy. They are warm when served which brings out their aroma emanating from a coating of cinnamon and sugar. They are soft, melt-in-your-mouth donuts that taste like Grandma just took them out of the oven.

They are addictive. I drove-through with my girlfriend one night and ordered eight. While I was on the phone she ate them all–she sheepishly admitted. I bellowed. And understand.

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