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Two Bunnies, a Basket of Chicks and a Pig of Doubtful Character

Wanita and Dan Andress crouch in hydrangea patch at Andress’ Your Independent Grocer, Smiths Falls © PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, Wedgee-in-Chief, theWedge.LIVE

The Andress team at YIG Smiths Falls crouched like bunnies among blooming hydrangeas for the wedge. We opted to leave the floppy ears out lest they add unintended meaning.

So the romance endures.

Dan offered his bunny-ette, Wanita, a basket spilling over with artificial grass, furry chicks that wind and waddle, a few Lindt Bunnies and Kinder eggs filled with surprises.

For egg hunts you might opt for the wrapped Cadbury eggs. This way Fido and Fluffy’s fur won’t add an undesirable layer to the children’s loot. Andress’ baskets and grass add excitement to the hunt.

Wanita Andress dresses up Easter cakes tree at Andress’ Your Independent Grocer, Smiths Falls © PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

I had to meet a friend for plain ol’ fun the same afternoon; so, I bought a half dozen melt-in-your mouth vanilla cupcakes from the cake tree. Lo and behold their decorations doubled as finger rings. We silly rabbits wore them in the restaurant.

Easter Bunny Belly Dip PHOTO BY Wanita Andress

If you don’t feel like being so sweet you can eviscerate a round loaf of bread and stuff it with dip. This is a stuffed bunny everyone will enjoy. A hit in the making.


Use large round loaf for body
Hollow out and fill with PC dip of choice
Round bun for face
Oval bun X 2 for ears
Black olive x 2 for eye and nose
Celery strips X 6 for whiskers
Celery slice for smile
Place on tray and put cut veggies around your bunny for dipping.

Your creativity is the only limit.

“Can I do a chick?,” you say. Move the buns and veggies around.

And then there is the question of the pig.

Wanita Andress asked this writer to name this fellow peering over shoppers with wanton eyes. Just look at him, if you can. You find yourself buttoning-up your coat.

“Lusty the Pig” towers over Easter roasts at Andress’ Your Independent Grocer, Smiths Falls, Ontario © PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

He stands high above all Easter meal options. He is a creature of doubtful character fixing his eyes on you wantonly–the iconic pig masquerading as a butcher that envisages everyone he casts his eyes on as a meal. (Note the spoon in his hand.)

I dub him “Lusty the Pig.”

Get a selfie with him–his eyes aiming at your edibleness. Don’t let him distract you from his more virtuous friends already packaged in coolers below.

Ham or beef? It’s the big debate this Easter.

Easter is a holy event for many, but it is also a bright time in our communities filled with activities and good cheer. Happy Easter from all of us.

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