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Monday Mirth : Affordable Housing Post That Made My Mascara Run

By MAGGIE M, Editor, Wedgee-in-Chief, East Ontario Trekker

Sometimes, especially on Mondays, I venture out to see what our comrads are doing in the live publishing world. Well, BlogTO knocks it out-of-da-park again. I love this site.

I happened on this listing, “Rental of the Week.” It is a tragic reflection of our urgent affordable housing crisis in Ontario, but in this missive the hilarity of our state is presented as it should be: caustic, sardonic and rib-splitting.

In the listing type, this author writes: “A bed–room not included.”

Read the post here:

People who cannot afford the rising cost of apartments are climbing in numbers; so, room rentals are on the increase and a revenue stream for homeowners and renters.

This author invokes Mr. Bean changing without privacy–it’s all related. First, you laugh heartily. Then you pause and reflect, “Is it this bad?” Yep.

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