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5G Explodes Today : South Ontario is the global testing ground

Example of 5G transmitters to be installed every 300 metres in Ontario

By theWedge.LIVE

The internet of things, artificial intelligence and the fastest internet speed gets global impetus here in Southern Ontario–today. We are the lab test.

Announcement today by Minister of Infrastructure, Ontario, McNaughton.

You can watch the video announcement on Twitter today:

The press conference was delivered from the remote village or Roseneath–there is a reason for this peculiar location.

Our politicians announce that 10% of our land are zones with low to no connectivity; so, all rural regions will have high speed or 5G (fifth generation.) 5G will be everywhere. They quote conversations with farmers as the impetus to saturate our untouched lands with network technology.

Presently, 3G or 4G operate in our communities. 5G is not an escalation of 4G; it is an entirely different infrastructure, using very high frequencies in the spectrum for the first time. The waves are shorter requiring installations every three hundred metres. Expect to see them integrated in street lights among other fixtures.


What is 5G? A lot of people have no idea of the term 5G. They speak of “fast internet.” Here is an excellent very short explanation by our own CBC.


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