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NASA patent for DEET expires today : It’s time for tick protection with permethrin

Permethrin sprayed directly on clothing will kill ticks before they bite

By theWedge.LIVE

Permethrin is widely used in United States unfettered by regulations and chemical lobbies. In Canada, it is still forbidden. Yet DEET which has been legal in brands like OFF!® by Johnson & Johnson (yep, the company that markets many toxins) is exponentially more toxic. It is also useless with ticks, that ignoble creature that is infected with umpteen bacteria and viruses leading to Lyme Disease.

Today the DEET patent, owned by NASA (say what?) expired. (See patent info below, left.)

Permethrin kills ticks before they can stick their long proboscis into your flesh; yet, Health Canada has prevented the import of permethrin into our nation.

You can’t get it from Amazon or get it over the border. They may have approved permethrin infused clothing. This is progress but costly and not a long-term solution.

Canadians need access to Permethrin in a bottle NOW! The wedge launches this awareness now.

We know too many people by name and location who are suffering, dying or died from Lyme Disease caused by ticks.

Tourism is suffering from the lack of engagement on this serious health issue. You can point your finger straight toward Health Canada–and likely the chemical lobbies who rule, wield their economic influence.


Permethrin is the safest and most effective of the pesticides against infected ticks on the world market.

You can visit farming outlets like TSC and look for a Canadian version of it for equine use. It’s dilution is 5%-10%. The higher the better.

Reports state it is not safe for cats and aquatic life. So you don’t spray it over the waters. Also bees may be affected to stay clear of their nectar flowers. We have not verified this–only repeating what we have read.

Human life and living out your life with vitality should be first and foremost in our minds–and those who govern. And reducing the fear of enjoying nature.

This site  by the University of Rhode Island will guide you well. Read everything as it is valuable and will remove your fear of nature treks and empower you with knowledge to keep you safe.

Now watch this video (which we have posted last year) for the evidence you need.

Here is a Reddit chat on Permethrin in Canada. It demonstrates Canadians’ experiences trying to procure Permethrin.

It’s time to write to Health Canada, phone, email–whatever. Request legalization of Permethrin in Canada–on the date of NASA’s expiration of DEET. How timely!

Here are Honorable Ginette Petitpas Taylor’s contact info in Ottawa and N.B. :


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