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Algorithm FAIL : NBA finals not trending on Twitter

By theWedge.LIVE


The Trending hashtags/Tweets in the left column of Twitter today show zero NBA anything. NADA. Niente. Is Twitter concealing patriotism? A possible Canada win? Unity?

It makes us Wedgees pause.

The NBA reports its highest Canadian ratings ever. So wassup Twitter?

The movie “Frozen” cannot possibly be trending higher. “Social media fatigue” should be a new meme and hashtag. O wait…it is a meme.

It seems what’s trending is paying customers i.e. “fake trending.” Make that a new meme.

The coders writing the algorithms are sending us off-ramp to dystopian places away from what the heart wants.

O the irony! On the list “90% of Canadians” struck my curiosity. I took the bait. I did not expect what I saw. A new poll says 90% have fallen for fake news. The debate endures on what is fake. The truth is increasingly elusive. I digress.

Where are the Raptors? Where are the NBA Finals?

If you ever doubted algorithms were rigged by some agenda, you now have your proof.

Here are screen shots of the Twitter columns, L-Canada R-USA :


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