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The Wedge wipes Pinterest from social sharing choices

By theWedge.LIVE

The Wedge believes in freedom of speech wholeheartedly. Censorship at this time in history is out of control. This happened in the past in Germany and endures in China–so many places–but not here in the land of the free, in our beloved Canada.

If we don’t preserve this right, Canada is done. Humanity is done.

A software engineer at Pinterest just came out, risking all, to tell the truth. It seems any key word related to natural health, Christianity or pro-life among many topics were dubbed ‘porn’ or instantly removed. Pinterest’s proclivities are clear.

All should be heard. The public must choose what they want to read–not t-shirt donning billionaires in the shadows. The internet was the last bastion of freedom. Let it remain so.

Everyone has a right to be heard (except criminals, murderers and human traffickers). We respect the right of all sides to speak, write. Even if we do not like it.

When opinions are silenced and people are “unpersoned,” we tread on a slippery slope toward loss of freedom–of voice, of thought, of movement. We must cherish these rights.

The wedge steps forward today by removing Pinterest from our sharing choices. Enough! This is our first step in ending censorship. We simply must. The alternative is cowardice.

IMPORTANT FACT : Most of our East Ontario population identify as Christian and Catholic. We know from our endless interviews and listening. Pinterest should be ashamed to be placing unrelated sites in a porn block list. This revelation is so offensive that we have removed this ignoble site posing as social from our sharing icons.

This disclosure comes from Eric Cochrane, former Pinterest employee.

Some journalists have also been dubbed “white supremacists” and censored by Pinterest. Ben Shapiro is one example. The list is endless it seems. Shapiro is a renown journalist sharing his opinion as all publishers and broadcasters also do. It’s not “hate speech.” It’s journalism.

I hate to like Bill Maher just this once, but he has come against “political correctness” loudly on CNN in the last week. “It’s gone too far,” he said. “No one likes living on eggshells.” The New York Times published a study confirming this. When someone who is a powerful radical mouthpiece speaks this truth we need to pay attention. (video below)

Whether you like or hate what is published, cherish the freedom in it. Block or ignore what you do not like or agree with if you desire. This is your right and freedom–not the control freaks deciding in the shadows the narrative you should read or watch. This is totalitarianism posing as open, social communities. Let’s not forget history.

Social media are no longer the utilities they portend to be. They are publishers choosing their narrative. This changes the rules of their game. Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are all under fire for these practices. The US Attorney General has launched an investigation into their #narrativecartel (our hashtag), anti-competition practices among many other alleged unlawful conduct, not the least of which is breach of privacy contracts and privacy laws.

Our media landscape is changing at Herculean speed. Traditional media are failing and falling–closing divisions, merging or simply closing their doors. Do we want our news, our world defined by duplicitous characters who aim to embed their beliefs into your consciousness, not yours?

We are stepping up to fill the gap adding our voice to our usual positive content–tourism, lifestyle, etc… WordPress which powers 30% of all websites globally share our belief in freedom of speech. We asked and they confirmed. We are powered by WP as their business customer and it pleases us immensely.

Pinterest you have been caught. We unperson your unpersoning censoring self permanently.

Now we return to our regular programming–uplifting and informing on our places and people.

Tech Insider Blows Whistle on How Pinterest Listed Top Pro-Life Site as Porn, “Bible Verses” Censored


Biil Maher on “political correctness” video–scroll to 2:40 to pass politics:


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