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Smiths Falls To Bloom with Surprise Stately Build

View of new Canopy Growth complex from the main road, Beckwith St., Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada CREDIT Cole & Associates Architects In.

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Bruce Linton’s face lit-up with a boyish smile when I asked him about his designs on the old water plant in Smiths Falls. “That’s a special project,” he said with aplomb, guarding his secret. That was almost a year ago.

Last night, the plans for this yet-to-be-named multi-use complex owned by Canopy Growth became public in the form of full architectural drawings. Cole Associates from Ottawa are their creators.

“I see the influence of Franklin Lloyd Wright in these designs. Do you mind my saying this?,” I said to David Cole. “Ya I can see that,” he replied. I asked him how he felt about the project.

“It was exciting to work on a project so near the water and locks, and incorporating it with its surroundings,” Cole added. He did give Linton his due as it was ostensibly his vision. “This is one of his babies.” Indeed, Linton’s architectural quiver is growing. “The Post Office,” an ornate heritage stone building he purchased this year already nears completion. It is deemed to house apartments for pampered guests and tenants.

The new complex located at 25 Old Mill St. peaks at nine stories in its southern wing combining offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms and foodservice–and a swimming pool. It will be the tallest building in Smiths Falls.

The design integrates its heritage structures well into pleasing eclectic form. The sweeping views of the waters rushing below will be spectacular to its occupants and visitors. Previously scarce parking will be optimal.

Birds’ eye-view of new Canopy Growth complex, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada CREDIT Cole & Associates Architects, Ottawa

The offices will house Tweed as its principal tenant out of need. The sprawl on Hershey Drive is squeezing its white-collar workers and meeting space.  This edifice is playing catch-up to Canopy’s accelerated global growth.

View of office lobby, new Canopy Growth complex, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada CREDIT Cole & Associates Architects, Ottawa

This morning when I asked if it was a dream or reality Linton stated, “It is a dream we work to bring to life.” While most people dream, Linton repeatedly acts on his.

Cole and I agreed, he likes things done quickly. The occupancy date is set for July 2021, give or take six months. Knowing Linton, it will be sooner than later.

This Canopy Growth complex will transform Smiths Falls irrevocably. It will be a springboard for accelerated economic development. I can hardly wait for a green ribbon-cutting event.

Northern view of new Canopy Growth complex, Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada CREDIT Cole & Associates Architects, Ottawa

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