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All Businesses on Notice with Local Launch of Amazon

New Amazon Distribution Centre near Ottawa is enormous

By theWedge.LIVE

Articles in print, announcements on the airwaves and social media are abuzz with Amazon’s sparkling, new distribution centre just east of Ottawa in Carlsbad Springs.

They actually fulfilled their first order in July. They didn’t launch on time but rather, early. So Amazon-like surprising us with speed. just went live with this article penned by Jenn Pritchard (Fair Dealing Act and Fair Use Act)

The Ottawa Amazon fulfillment centre made its first shipment in early July and hasn’t slowed down since.

The large centre, located in Carlsbad Springs currently employs 400 people and is looking to bring on another 200 employees in time for the holiday shopping season.

Mayor Jim Watson was joined by councillors Stephen Blais and George Darouze on Monday afternoon for a tour of the facility.

“I have to say it’s a very impressive building, it’s enormous, ” said Cumberland councillor Stephen Blais. “It’s probably six or seven city blocks in length.”

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The Wedge would like a tour. This centre is surely using the latest technology in its arsenal.

No category is off the table: grocery, apparel, housewares, etc… Even the artisanal dollar if on Jeff Bezos’ wide reach.

Make no mistake, Amazon is a real challenge to all. Even the radio station publishing this story. Alexa will play anything on command.

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