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Frightening plan to alter your brain

By theWedge.LIVE

The presumption by technocrats that humans are inadequate and need an upgrade is out in full regalia today. Watch this presentation by Elon Musk just aired.

Watch the plan to insert “read and write” equipment in your brain. Humans are to become walking routers, servers, chips–with no control over what is downloaded into their brain–or hacking. Soft start with suggestions of its value for Parkinson’s.

Any number of humans with this alteration could be weaponized.

This is a frightening future with humans that are no longer human as we know it. This is the singularity you hear much about.

We wrote about this some time ago and featured an interview between Joe Rogan and Elon Musk who expressed deep concern over Neuralink™. Now he is the tin man selling the technology–knowing its risks.

Read our first coverage including the interview live at : https://thewedge.live/2018/11/21/elon-musks-sends-out-dire-warning/

We want to hear from you all. This is here now. It’s not the future. Begin a discussion about how much technology you want in your life–when its enough or too much.

Incrementally this will be optional, and eventually mandatory.

Many we have interviewed respond with comments like, “from my cold dead hands!” Are we being led by mad scientists who seek to escape mortality and in so doing end what is human?

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