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The Wedge Winter Tour Kicks-Off December 21, 2019

Maggie M waves in Downtown Perth during snowpocalypse. PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

By theWedge.LIVE

For the first time in our history we are getting on the road non-stop to visit endless locations. We start December 21st. Maggie M could be spotted selling Christmas trees and serving eggnog at kick-off.

It will be like a campaign tour except, featuring you, your village, your town, your city, your stories, your events–all in East Ontario.

Concept bus for the Wedge Winter 2019 Tour

Maggie M will be present with a retinue of Wedgees interviewing, photographing and filming. All events will be uploaded as we travel.

We keep trying to inspire winter events everywhere. Now we bring one to you.

We are looking for volunteers in each location and three to travel with us around and in the wedge until we are done–all expenses paid (accommodation, food and travel.) And fun!

The Wedge reaches from Pembroke to Kingston to Cornwall and every place in between.

Get yourself on our itinerary and fill out the form below. We will respond in 24 hours.

Stay-tuned for our schedule, trajectory and more.

Skate The Lake annual January event in village of Portland PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE



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