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Ottawa’s Boxing Week Bonanza : Carbon Hike on “everything”

Ottawa Parliament PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

By MAGGIE M, Editor, Publisher, Wedgee-in-Chief, theWedge.LIVE

“The carbon tax will raise the price of everything,” spokesperson Jonah Mozeson, Senior Press Secretary, Justice and Solicitor General, Alberta, said today.

It’s hitting all Canadians’ home heating and gas at the tanks on January 1, 2020. As we all know from experience, a hike on transportation costs is matched at the retail level.

Alberta Premier Kenney is not sitting on his hands.

His government spent the last three days in Alberta’s Court of Appeals related to the carbon tax. We wait for the Courts ruling.

Canada is one of lowest carbon emitters worldwide at 1.1%.  Memory serves China contributes about 24% and India isn’t far behind. Yet, economic destruction of a nation already on life support is justified by the environmental zealots in Ottawa.

There are many angles to fight the carbon tax’s unjust and untimely imposition on a nation that leads with innovation in clean technology, but it may all fall on deaf ears in Ottawa following an appeal to the Supreme Court.

It is worthy to note that Canada is ostensibly a prosperous nation, rich in resources, but subject to foreign interference from an unelected cast of players as never before in its history, NGOs and oligarchs. There are trillions to be made in the carbon business.

Right now we await the ruling on Alberta’s appeal to its highest court. Saskatchewan’s and Ontario’s appeals failed.

The fight is not over.

On the heels of Ottawa rejecting an equalization rebate to Alberta, the carbon tax is a bonanza. But not for long.

There are many remedies, drastic ones, that Alberta can enforce by March 2020–the Fair Deal month that will tell all. If it isn’t fair, there will be pain.

Alberta will pull out of the Canada Pension Plan. That will send a clear message to Ottawa that Alberta is not their sugar daddy. Although this is its greatest artillery there is more in its arsenal.

Make no mistake, Kenney acts quickly. Just look at the Red Tape Reduction Act.

STAY-TUNED for more on the carbon fight.

Australia among many nations to take the carbon tax fight to the streets.

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