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USA Vs. CANADA : Coronavirus Response

USA (starts at 42:41):

Solid action throughout the press conference today. Must listen.

Vice-President Pence opened with, “By the end of this week there will be more than 4 million more tests made available…,” “[top health insurance companies…will carry the costs of all coronavirus treatment…]”

The actions by the Coronavirus Task Force are surgical and numerous.

CANADA (starts at 18:40):

More “dialoguing,” “lots of dialoguing,” but “wash your hands and stay home.” Not to overlook, “lots of meetings.”

There was nothing concrete presented. “Work from home,” was suggested for business.

“I was personally struck by civic mindedness of public,” Minister Freeland patronized, as though we care about impressing her.

Finally, a journalist asked, “What are the battle plans?”

“We have them,” the Health Minister responded–no details.

The message: Canada is planning and discussing and planning and discussing.

Freeland finally said, “We can’t overreact.”

The press asked again, “What are we doing now.” “Why have you not done this already?”

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

“I would refer you back to the province,” the Minister of Health said when asked about the number of cases and their status.

Canada delivers trifling response to Wuhan Coronavirus.

“I see some eye rolling to the ‘wash your hands’ response,” Minister of Health closes.

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