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Dr. Bergman : The Voice of Reason On The Coronavirus

Dr. John Bergman speaks on wuhan coronavirus

By theWedge.LIVE

What are we supposed to stop during this crisis? Almost everything according to governments and agencies.

“Is this killing everybody?,” Dr. John Bergman opens in this presentation to a live audience.

The Wedge have been listening to and featuring Dr. John Bergman since our early days. He is conceivably the most renown–and trusted–doctor of chiropractic in the world. He is also teacher to other doctors including allopathic.

Bergman knows the human body and its responses to disease, but foremost he knows how to communicate in plain language.

Of particular interest is his extensive review of current testing methods (begins at 19:00). The information is stunning.

The video below is a “must watch.” The depth of his knowledge regarding the coronavirus–its skewed numbers, testing methods (false positives, false negatives), and solutions–will open your eyes.

And his words will encourage you, and reduce fear.

“Don’t be afraid, strengthen your immune system,” Bergman adds.

This cheat sheet produced by Dr. Bergman give you an at-a-glance review of a regime to follow:

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