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Alberta Is A Powder Keg About To Blow April 29

Alberta Legislature, Edmonton. Alberta, Canada

By theWedge.LIVE

Tomorrow, April 29, 2020, Albertans are converging at the Alberta Legislature in Edmonton to protest the provinces excesses against their civil liberties and to demand an easing of the lockdown.

Is the public aware of Bill 10 pushed through on April 2 without a quorum under Alberta’s Emergencies Act? The Bill is poorly presented but reads in its bits as a horrifying reach of power. If parts were redacted you cannot tell, but we have not seen so many blank pages in a Bill to date.

The Bill’s power is retroactive.

It gives power to any cabinet minister to make laws and execute them without legislative oversight. Officers on their command can enter any private or public place using force on persons present for rules the public is still grappling to understand. This with attendant usurious fines and arrests.

It is a frightening read.

Tomorrow, protestors may find themselves in a maelstrom of violence as the Bill empowers. Size of gathering and social distancing will be their Achilles. At this point, Albertans appear to be beyond the point of caring about government overreach and in a “from my cold dead hands” state-of-mind.

“This concentration of power in one individual, without meaningful accountability, opens the door for widespread abuse of civilians. Bill 10 is foreign to Canada’s system of government with its checks and balances, and its limits on the use of government power. Alberta citizens ought to be deeply concerned,” states Jay Cameron, Litigation Manager for the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms in Calgary.

You can read Cameron’s well elucidated review of the Bill here.

It might be time to support the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms and bring the fight to the Courts which uncannily are closed.

Narcity announces today:

Individuals across the city and beyond have been planning for this demonstration in a Facebook group titled “END THE LOCKDOWN ALBERTA“.

The cover photo of the group shares key details about the demonstration. Titled “End The Lockdown!,” the post reads that a meetup will be held at the Alberta Legislature Grounds on April 29 at 2 p.m.

End The Lockdown Alberta spearheaded by Shalina Milligan has 4,245 Members already.

Bill 10 is undoubtedly the most Draconian seizure of power in Canada–perhaps in its history. This has brought Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership into question and likely eroded his base.

Are Albertans even aware of the Jekyll-Island-styled event that occurred April 2?

Alberta may have become the battlefront for justice in Canada.

We attach the Group’s Objectives and Plan as published:Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 5.35.53 PM

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