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Constitutional Lawyer Tackles Canada Lockdowns With Shocking Information

John Carpay, President of Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms and Maggie M, Host, theWedge.LIVE

By MaggieM, Editor, Show Host, The Wedge.LIVE

“Have the lockdowns caused more harm than good?,” the Justice Centre For Constitutional Freedoms in Canada asks of our regulators and politicians.

This question looms over our nation especially as July winds down.

The coronavirus seems to have petered out to a status lower than the common flu. But evidently this did not suit the UN, WHO–and the CDC in US. Their directives mandating masks are rolling out from city to city and provinces at a time when the threat is almost imperceptible. This infringement of freedoms is an additional tenet of the “new normal” of social distancing every place in the nation.

Canadians are isolated and forcibly limiting their enjoyment of life.

These measures fit the very definition of an anachronism, an act of attributing a custom, event, or object to a period to which it does not belong.

This July, Canadians are 99% asymptomatic. Maybe they don’t have Covid at all–aye, there’s the rub.

There were no such measures during the SARS or H1N1 pandemics with exceedingly greater casualties.

Reports are now in that testing this July  in USA has reached 100% positive for Covid. These claims were found fraudulent, driven by the CDC looking to keep the covid narrative–and fear–festering on the eve of an election. The President has rejected these numbers–as they are mathematically improbable–and proven to be fabricated to pump the numbers. The White House is now obtaining reports directly from the hospitals with strict transparent guidelines and hopefully, no monetary gains.

The truth is elusive.

How are Canadians feeling at this point and what can they do about it? The President of the Justice Centre and Constitutional Lawyer, John Carpay, answers these questions in our interview Parts One and Two. The information is surgical and shocking.

Albertans must listen to Part Two without fail as it is especially alarming.


One thought on “Constitutional Lawyer Tackles Canada Lockdowns With Shocking Information

  1. My view (and many of my friends and colleagues). Until the health authorities can categorically & scientifically prove beyond doubt that Covid is/was the threat that they said it was, ALL restrictions, orders, recommendations and other supports in lieu should end now.

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