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We Shift Today : Toward Coverage You Need

By theWedge.LIVE

Today we make a tectonic shift, one we belabored for months awaiting promised light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The light never came.

For four years the core of The Wedge editorial platform was tourism, places, entertainment, food, human interest, in Canada–topics that were positive and summoned happy brain chemicals.

Since our alleged pandemic, we elected to cease publishing temporarily, until the promised recovery. Stories about places that remain open on saline drip or places that were closed “for your safety” fell short of our mantra. The images captured are grim : empty spaces, masked faces and boarded up venues.

We cannot write about trails and campsites at the absence of all else.

So we put our editorial on hold hoping we would not need to shift to more prescient topics. We dipped our toes in the well of truth and conspiracy a little–it was anathema to our usual content and it felt uncomfortable.

Now the choice is clear.

Early on in February/March, we believed the narratives about a pandemic. We also bought into the planned recovery on the heels of a two-week “flattening of the curve”–models by Neil Ferguson which exaggerated the threat beyond the reality.

We believed the lies about a pandemic, a definition that was altered by the WHO recently.

We witnessed the parade of lies served up incrementally to the public by the legacy media, agencies and governments. We call the propaganda, “fear of death by a thousand cuts.”

The “boiling the frog” trope is in play and the frog has little time left to jump out of the pot.

Accordingly, we make that editorial shift.

We did not arrive at a conclusion that Canada and the world are in a historic tailspin lightly. We conducted a lot of research. We deliberated. We fact checked. We listened to scores of virologists, epidemiologists, doctors, scientists and prolific researchers.

We also listened to and read endless papers and books by historians, financial experts and military intelligence.

Our discoveries were stunning, taking us down further into that meme, that famed “rabbit hole.” Frankly, it is more a cockatrice hole, that biblical mythical dragon with a cock’s head.

Here at the Wedge we pledge to be truthful, fact-checked and driven by our manifest integrity. We will also pepper our content with hope, with action plans and an “esprit de corps” which removes the traditional passive role of the reader and viewer.

We are in this together.

So buckle up, feel the tremors of our words, images and live recordings henceforth.

FOOTNOTE: Search prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah re cockatrices today.

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