Dr. Bergman :  The Voice of Reason On The Coronavirus
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Dr. Bergman : The Voice of Reason On The Coronavirus

By theWedge.LIVE What are we supposed to stop during this crisis? Almost everything according to governments and agencies. “Is this killing everybody?,” Dr. John Bergman opens in this presentation to a live audience. The Wedge have been listening to and featuring Dr. John Bergman since our early days. He is conceivably the most renown–and trusted–doctor … Continue reading

BOOM! Good News About Coronavirus
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BOOM! Good News About Coronavirus

By theWedge.LIVE The coronavirus data is ephemeral, arbitrary and it now seems, overstated. The number of deaths are based on estimates, and only on known cases i.e. very limited data. Many affected by the coronavirus go unreported. Thus, the comparison to flu deaths remains questionable. Researchers are now revealing the true numbers and they are … Continue reading