Wedge on Wheels

Our initial messing around with a campaign logo. Not quite the scale we need. But the spirit is right! ART BY THE WEDGE PROGENY

The Wedge aims to meet the demand for MORE stories, coverage and reviews. We need a vehicle that can allow us to go from town-to-town, place-to-place, without returning to our ‘base.’ We can also hang around to cover events, day and night.

We opted for a new, small trailer (pics shown inside and outside) and a used vehicle with adequate pull weight (about 3,500 lbs). This way The Wedge can move from one place to the next quickly before the ground freezes! In the winter, we will be back at ‘the base.’ We start on the road again in Spring. We can do a lot in 6 to 8 months with this set-up.  When funded, this will be The Wedge On Wheels, with the logo on both vehicles.

So we will shoot pictures, film, write stories and conduct interviews, editing from our trailer and uploading live. The public’s engagement in The Wedge is high; so, it’s time to give them more. The Wedge is known in many communities already. Some have not seen The Wedge yet; but, they deserve our total immersive attention.


Actual new Jayco trailer PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

1- Trailer : Jay Flight SLX 195 RB (reliable Jayco brand) : $17,795. + Cdn. HST 13% = $20,108. (without haggling) With fees, adds up to $22,995.

2- Requires a vehicle able to pull 3,500 lbs e.g. SUV or mini-van Estimated cost:  $10,000 or less (we are open to a vehicle donation by a Dealer who loves Ontario in exchange for a banner in our right column for 2 years and photo/copy in our, “The Wedge On Wheels is funded,” story.)

This is how we arrived at the total $32,995.

Interior of actual trailer. See the table with cozy seats for meetings and live on-cam interviews ! Coffee machine not shown. PHOTO BY the wedge.LIVE

P.S. The images of the hippie buses are just a visual concept that we thought too cute to leave out !


If you love East Ontario as much as we do (or The Wedge) pledge $20, $50, $100, $200 or wait for it… $1,000. With your written permission we will publish your generosity.

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The Wedge lifts up communities and their citizens with positive, helpful content. We are one-year old this July 26, 2017. (Confetti and Trumpets !) Villages, Towns and Cities are welcoming The Wedge in East Ontario to write comprehensive features, capture images and film–and make people smile and laugh.

Our coverage area extends East from Hawkesbury, Northwest from Pembroke and Southeast to Kingston. Our site is http://TheWedge.LIVE

We started from nothing, not knowing how well our work would be accepted by the public. It is humbling and exciting at the same time. People love positive stories about their area. Plus, visitors get a deep look at the places we cover. It’s good for their economies–it’s ‘deep local.’