Wedgeworks is an outgrowth of our independent media, The Wedge. It is wholly focused on helping Canadian, local and small businesses survive and thrive in the current climate.


  • Shopify Partner
  • Strategy : Marketing and Digital
  • Domain and hosting set-up
  • Design : logos, websites, graphics
  • Video and audio productions (shoot to live)
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
  • WordPress
  • Branding
  • Copywriting (that gets read!)
  • Content Development (that’s all of the above)
  • Retail Experiences (windows, in-store)–when your re-open
  • Social media optimization
  • SEO (search engine) optimization
  • Analytics
  • On-line shop development (see below)

NOTE: We are a one-stop boutique. You know what they say about, “Too many chefs.”


Wherever you are located in Canada we can get you online within 5 business days from start with a fully functioning “Launch” store.

We also teach you to maintain your store so you keep your profits and don’t have to pay us for our time. But we are always available to help you quickly by phone or email.

We create and select all necessary elements with ease for a smooth launch.

Have a look at this store. It went live from first product photo and copy to launch in five days. This customer is thrilled she beat the non-essential business closures; but, she is also thrilled that her business is available to new and far-reaching customers in perpetuity.

There 70 layouts to choose from. All stores or businesses can have a unique look and branding with color palettes, fonts and logo. Some layouts offer movement and live media. So the store above is just one of thousands of visual presentations possible. This is the fun part!


If you run a consultancy, a service, training–a business that is beyond bricks and mortar–we can get that live just as expediently.

Websites and blogs are good; but, the ability to convert visitors into customers online is critical.

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 2.07.05 PM

“the world’s leading eCommerce solution,” Maggie M

We are partners with Shopify™, the world’s leading e-commerce app. Shopify is Canada’s own, headquartered in Ottawa. We are confident in this app–as all bricks and mortar and services businesses should be.

This solution is proven, fast and easy; yet, retailers have not made use of it as we would hope. WedgeWorks can get stores live and running quickly within days on our Launch plan. And we show you the ropes, live. It makes the learning curve short. And the great news, it is affordable for low monthly fee.

Imagine your store eventually generating sales 24/7–that’s a nice addition to your business!

Everyone competes with Amazon. And now with regulations that have shut down businesses due to a pandemic, the challenge is greater. But governments permit owners to access their stock–so you are not out of business if you go on-line, and pick and pack without giving access to walk-in customers.

You are five days from going live when you contact Wedgeworks and provide us with the info we need. That’s with full cooperation with you. It is exciting to see the progress of your store each day.

Just complete your info below and we will contact you the same day.


The CIRA released its survey of Canadians in this 2019 this study.

These studies are pre-Covid. Imagine the scale of online purchases today.


If you are a business owner kindly complete the following to initiate our first contact within 24 hours or less:


Coders, web developers, photoshop masters! Yes, we are recruiting continually. Go to our OPPORTUNITIES page and complete it. We get back to everyone!