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This new arm of our independent media penetration of East Ontario, WedgeWorks, is wholly focused on helping Canadian, local and small businesses survive and thrive in the current climate.


  • Strategy : Marketing and Digital
  • Design : logos, websites, graphics
  • Video and audio productions
  • Branding
  • Copywriting (that gets read!)
  • Content Development (that’s all of the above)
  • Retail Experiences (windows, in-store)
  • Social media optimization
  • SEO (search engine) optimization
  • Analytics
  • On-line shop development (see below)

We are a one-stop boutique. You know what they say about, “Too many chefs.”


The CIRA just released this study.

Snippets of the CIRA study:

e-commerce | on-line stores : Wedge Partners

“the world’s leading on-line store solution,” Maggie M

We have become partners with Shopify™–the world’s leading on-line store solution. Shopify is Canada’s own, headquartered here in Ottawa. We are confident in this relationship–as all bricks and mortar businesses should be.

This solution is proven, fast and easy; yet, retailers have not made use of it as we would hope. Wedge Works can get stores live and running quickly within weeks. And show you the ropes. It’s easy. Surprisingly easy. And the great news, it is low cost.

Imagine your store generating sales 24/7–that’s a nice addition to your business!

Everyone must prepare for the Amazon effect in 2019.

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Coders, web developers, photoshop masters! Yes, we are recruiting! Go to our OPPORTUNITIES page and complete it. We get back to everyone!