The wedge is now Closing Canada’s Media Gap–the one between the news cartel and the citizen journalist. The Wedge went live July 26, 2016. We celebrate a new year every August 1st. We are now in year four and just began our national journey November 2019.

The Wedge is positive. It’s creative. It’s fun and inspiring. It’s what you need with your coffee in the morning–to start your day with happy feet–or to find stuff, shops, restaurants, places. It’s also about our people, places and popular topics.

And our mag is getting edgier.

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Maggie M, our Editor, now travels across Canada discovering its hidden jewels on film. Already, several episodes are live at our the wedge channel, WHERE IN the world IS MAGGIE M? playlist, here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPAA4e2e0oQ

Where is Maggie M going next?


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The Wedge is rife with opportunities. Something for everyone.

We have contract opportunities for individuals residing in the wedge (not businesses):

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We only entertain fascinating content–include the usual with a different angle. But we are now a smidge edgy too. Our readers like that. Our rating is “G”.

Every topic MUST feature people and places in Canada.

We are forging ahead well into our fourth year. 2020 is looking good!

If you want to be part of something great at its incipience contact us. We are still defining ourselves by our readers views and shares. They never cease to surprise us!