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Hot Food Trend : Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal burger bun

By MAGGIE M, Wedgee-in-Chief, Editor

Activated charcoal is a good thing. Smart dentists hand it to their patients in capsule form to draw mercury out of their bodies following amalgam removal. This writer once drank a diluted capsule in a glass of water for fast impact. The only symptom I had was confidence.

This ingredient is now the rage in the culinary world. Think black anything. Pancakes, pastries, pastas, pizzas, smoothies–few foods are off the table.

Activate charcoal pasta with a dab of fish roe

Understand, this is not the briquet in your BBQ or the black cinder over the fire. These are not outcomes of healthy eating. It does however deliver that smokey flavour sought by foodies.

Activated charcoal is usually derived from coconut or bamboo shells. It is exceptional for pulling toxins out of the body. Its virtues are myriad according to Dr. Axe. It even whitens teeth.

Activated charcoal ice cream

Chefs in urban centres have been running amuck to add this feature in their menus. Will restaurants in the wedge see black?

Blending healing elements into food creation is a brilliant step in the right direction. Now, I wonder if a smart chef will take-up diatomaceous earth or silica–so valuable to removal of parasites and bone health.

If people only knew the hidden ingredients in common foods they would welcome this hot trend. Did you know ground lady bug shells produce red or rose colouring in many big brands?

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