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Canada’s Economic Suicide Driven By Utter Ignorance

By theWedge.LIVE

Today, the Government of Alberta announced the launch of the Canadian Energy Centre, Downtown Calgary. The Canadian Press feigned to name it in its release today, the “war centre”; this toys with the Centre’s profound aim to inform the public about the pervasive use of fossil fuels by everyone, even climate activists.

Our modern world is built with oil and oil by-products, from the ground up. You destroy oil, you destroy life as we know it.

Here are just few products we all use derived from oil by-products:

There is no Plan B in oil adversaries’ loathing of their mythical foe–no cash crop like bamboo or hemp coming to a very limited rescue. And electricity cannot make anything.

The demonization of this fundamental industry, aimed at its destruction, could lead every man, woman and child surviving on their wits within ten to twenty years, taking us back to the 19th century.

Leaders in the autonomous vehicle industry celebrate the oil industry’s failure by 2030. It is their plan. I have heard these mockingbirds.

Thing is, they won’t be able to produce their vehicles without oil–not the body, not the tires, not the batteries and not even the radar, Lidar or 5G systems for the AVs.

While on the matter of batteries, they fail in the cold and in general. Progress in this domain is slow if possible. To wit, the average 100 amps in homes cannot recharge these vehicles as adoption would put a demand on hydro that cannot be met. The system would fail catastrophically.

Freedom of movement will cease in a fossil-fuel free world.

Recharging stations today require at least one hour–not counting waiting in line-ups; but, this is an anachronism as the industry is nascent. It takes up to five minutes to pump gas and pay.

It is economic suicide to malign this industry, and worse, corrupt its progress with no back-up plan.

And it is economic suicide to Canada.

Hate oil. Love oil. Canadians need it to travel, to heat their homes, to put Christmas presents under their tree.

Here is how far a Western Canadian Select (WCS) barrel of oil can get us–by road, rail and air:

It’s time you start asking activists if they are wearing anything made from oil–their backpacks, jackets and shoes. Then how they traveled to their protests and conferences. And to stop sitting on seats in the latter as they too are made with oil–the stage, the building, the microphone. And the hardware used to broadcast their message.

Hypocrisy or ignorance?

The enemies of oil are either virtue signalling for their own pleasure or collectively unconscious.

Buy oil stocks, invest in the industry because the global demand will double by 2050.

Claims that we are approaching peak oil are false as many nations are now exploring their own shale formations. Oil reserves are enormous, yet untapped.

The United States under the current presidency has become the No. 1 producer of oil. Canada is listed in the top five, for now.

Stay-tuned for much more on the value of oil to our economy and well-being.

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