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Elon Musk’s sends out dire warning

Elon Musk, Founder, Tesla, speaks on Joe Rogan

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“Artificial Intelligence” seems harmless in the use of its words. Its underpinnings “could be good or bad,” warns Elon Musk in this famous interview with Joe Rogan, the world’s leading radio host. His countenance is grim.

“It’s too late,” Musk says. “It’s out of control.”

“We are already cyborgs,” he adds.

Listen and begin to understand the status quo. The question that hangs asked by Joe, “Will we be replaced?”

“It will enable anyone who wants to have super-cognition. That’s the theory.”

Here is a clip from JR’s channel Language Warning :



Last night I had a conversation with a computer 3,000 miles away. My family member at this remote location commanded this patty-shaped hardware with a female voice to phone me. My phone rang from “private name”–the call came from its server.

I have warned my family that it is a slippery slope incrementally working its way into our lives for an outcome few can foresee.

I commanded this “personal assistant” to play “Time” by Hans Zimmer and instantly it played. When I asked it about its CPU location I got a history of America. *snicker*

It is controlled knowledge. You will hear what its technocrats deem you should hear.

I think many of its users like to tell it to “F-off” as it (the digitized female voice) responded to my expletive, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” Our aggression is duly noted in its core server for future use.

She has spoken to us in Mandarin on command. I am confident she speaks 141 languages. She appears socialized with mood algorithms. This is no longer a pull-cord Furby toy. This is a presence in your home listening to everything, translating all conversations into digital form on its central server for future retrieval.

Did you notice I referred to “she.” This happens with ease. We changed her voice with a male voice on verbal command. This was not well received by my family. Interesting how the female persona is the default choice.

The days are strange. Humans decreasingly know how to perform long division or write cursively–or think. We like to be entertained. We are distracted as in the days of Nero with “bread and circus.” Meanwhile, Rome burns.

Are we abdicating thought to a digital oracle?

Is Elon Musk considering that we may become dumber as we tap bits and bytes for answers. Our memory is no longer required. This is the core of intelligence–the ability to fire neurons and create complex thoughts.

I pause and think what is it that A.I. absolutely cannot do? It has now produced paintings auctioned at Sotheby’s. It runs restaurants. It executes surgery on the operating table.

Will humans be dispensable?

Artificial intelligence will never be able to love–only mimic. To feel pain–only mimic. AI has no soul. We do.

That’s my two cents.


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