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Bling Back Headbands : Let Your Forehead Speak

Edith and Mary, Downton Abbey, wore bejeweled headbands daily. Vintage headdress or smart fashion?

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Who does not love the headbands of the 20s? They were seen widely on the series, Downton Abbey. These were the fashion statements of the flapper years–an alternative to hats.

Do you notice how your attention is drawn to the eyes in the image above?

A few crafty shopkeepers and stylists offer them. They are always referred to as “vintage.”

We’ve worn slacks forever–should we dub these vintage? Why do such beautiful trends disappear?

The first world war was followed by prosperity–and headbands, feathers, fascinators. These are styles of the past; but, our foreheads are still here.

The period was also marked by necklaces dropping down the back of the neck–not the front. And the long gloves (they just made hands so mysterious.)

Lady Rose, Downton Abbey, dressed up with jeweled headband and silk gloves.

Decolletes were not the order of the day–cleavage was rarely seen. Instead dresses of brocade, silk, linen and taffeta woven with beads drew your eyes.

This was perhaps the most beautiful fashion period of the 20th century, accentuating facial beauty–not the mid-rift with corsets and plunging necklines.

Designers, please bling them back!


1922 Cover of The Saturday Evening Post. Headbands were the rage.

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