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Kenney and Freeland Meet in Calgary on Alberta’s “Urgent Need”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland, meet January 7, 2020, on Fair Deal in Calgary, Alberta, Canada PHOTO BY theWedge.LIVE

By Maggie M, Publisher, Editor, theWedge.LIVE

As many of our readers and visitors know, the Wedge is rolling-out nationally, now covering B.C.. Alberta, Saskatchewan as well as Ontario. (Provinces will be added progressively.)

We launched our new national video channel “The Wedge” today with this January 7th event in Calgary: a third meeting between Alberta Premier Jason Kenney and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland. The press event took place at the MacDougall Centre in Calgary prior to their meeting. It was exceedingly short with no questions allowed by media.

Here is our live coverage below. Read further for the Fair Deal points sought by Premier Kenney.

Oddly they spoke of ratifying NAFTA–not CUSMA. Slip of the tongue?

Six asks in the Fair Deal negotiations:

  • building the TransMountain pipeline expansion project
  • an “equalization rebate” from retroactively lifting the per capita cap on the Fiscal Stabilization Program
  • addressing the continuing problems with Bill C-69
  • support for jobs in the resource and resource-related sector, such as support for decommissioning wells and clean technology
  • approval of the Teck Frontier project, which is a test of the federal government’s commitment to evidence-based approval of new energy projects
  • equivalency recognition for Alberta’s methane reduction regulations

Freeland spoke of methane and NAFTA. This was ostensibly a photo op for the two leaders–a show of collaboration. The national networks and the Wedge left with little to report.

Alberta spokesperson states Freeland triggered the meeting.

Albertans are on tenterhooks, not expecting much on the heels of the carbon tax and Quebec announcing its surplus on the back of Alberta’s largesse. To wit, Alberta expects a ruling from its highest court related to the carbon tax this winter, riding on its unconstitutionality.

The outcome of these meetings is hard to gauge. Many Albertans are looking to secede, tired of the assaults on its economy since the 70s. There is a great deal of suffering in the Province.

While Wexit is on everyone’s mind, the truth is an exit is already occurring at high velocity. The relocation of Encana to Houston is one one of a litany of substantive corporations not waiting for a constitutional challenge of epic proportion.

Fair Deal Town Halls are occurring in many Alberta towns right now led by an illustrious panel. The public can voice its opinions and ideas at these events.

Stay-Tuned for detailed progress on Canada’s greatest challenge.

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