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Flashmobs united us : Is a comeback in the offing?

by theWedge.LIVE ❤️ A New Voice For East Ontario

In the last several years people have taken notice, a dark force seeks to divide us all. Women against men. Race against race. Faith against faith. Haves against have nots. Even vegans against meat lovers.

We bring our visitors a ray of hope this Christmas 2018. The wedge curates these outstanding flash mobs in Canada.

“People who sing and dance together stay together”

Let’s do more of these flash mobs assembling a chorus of unlikely performers together. People who sing and dance together stay together.

The first flash mob we feature happened in the small town of Welland, Ontario, in the most pedestrian environment, a mall food court. It has been viewed over 52 Million times. It is likely the most viewed flash mob in history. You will understand as you watch.

Another great divider is our first responders, our police officers being portrayed in a negative light. Not in this next video in Saanich, B.C. It’s a wedge favorite.

We know our police force in East Ontario can dance–with us–if they come out of their precincts and vehicles, and create a jiggy perimeter.

And like heat these voices rise from the lower floor of the Toronto Eaton Centre at Christmas. The quartet on the escalator was clever. Shoppers joined in for a historical chorus. Tears were shed. This is very touching.

This 2019 let’s stay united. Let’s be kind to one another.

Let’s flashmob together again.

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